Born in 1941 in Sari

bullet.gif High school certificate from Alborz School in 1958(Tehran), and going to Austria for further education
bullet.gif Four years study of Architecture in Vienna Technical University
bullet.gif Three years study in music Composition in Vienna Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts
bullet.gif Graduated in Music Education from Vienna Music Conservatory as (top grade)
bullet.gif Graduated as cinema and TV director (main study). and screenplay writing (subsidiary study) from Vienna Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (top grade)
bullet.gif Poems collection ‘Muds Blisters” (1963)
bullet.gif Return to Iran in 1967 and working in the Ministry of Culture and Arts (till 1972), and as instructor in various universities in the fields of screenplay writing, documentary film, and … (till 1992)
bullet.gif Working in Iranian National Television as producer, screenplay writer, director, and editor
bullet.gif Making about 100 short films, documentaries, and features
bullet.gif Juror in several national and foreign film festivals

Some of his features are:
bullet.gif “Viva …!,” (Award winner in Karlovivari Film Festival 1980)
bullet.gif “The Inner Beast” (Award winner in the 2nd Fajr Festival as the best director and photography)
bullet.gif ‘The Lost Elegy” (Documentary)
bullet.gif Going astray
bullet.gif In the Alleys of Love” (presented at the “Kind of View’ section of Cannes Festival, 1991
bullet.gif Autumn Alley” (documentary/fiction), Shown at the IDFA Film Festival – Amsterdam
bullet.gif The Bride of Fire (Award winning in several national and foreign festivals)
bullet.gif Talking with a Shadow – (Docudrama)

Published books and screenplays are:
bullet.gif The Man in White, The Artists of a Bloodshedding Era, The Bride of Fire (Film Script), The Post-communist Cinema (Translated from English)
bullet.gif Translation from German: My Journey and Adventures in Iran, a book by Armin Vambery (1863), under press
bullet.gif Writing and translating numerous essays about cinema and other fine arts.

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